MIND Games

A Game on top of DeFi instruments, DEX, Liquidity Pools, Staking & Farms. MIND Games also has usable NFTs, talents, missions, battles, cookies, and rewards!
"A mind can change everything, on any scale, to any aspect of life or history. Our MINDS are meant to do just that."
“A random MIND”

What is MIND Games

Using the UniswapV2 Protocol and built on the Aurora Network, MIND Games token, Brain Cell [CELL], will bring rewards and earning opportunities at very low trading fees and low waiting times!
Good to know: MIND Games implemented DeFi instruments in all of the game modes. All NFTs will be available to use throughout the MIND Universe. The first in-game currency, AURORIUM [AUR], is also usable in any mode, thus letting players control how they choose to spend their earnings.

Behind The MIND

MIND Games is an ecosystem of games designed to bring the Crypto and NFT world closer to us, to gamers everywhere, in a variety of genres. We want to bring a high-quality gaming experience to all of our titles, and boy do we have some nice surprises prepared. As we'll release each title, you can expect a smooth transition when trying out the new games. MIND Games will function like a truly balanced universe. All of the in-game currencies and rewards can be used in all of our titles, and there will be multiple avenues for you to grow your characters, better your team, and ultimately earn the most rewards! The theme stems from minds being something we all share, yet they all differ so much from one to another. (Thank Gnomon!) We are all connected in this network, but there's never a dull moment as no two brains will think alike. We want to address most, if not all, fan-favorite genres of games and give all of you the chance to escape for a while.
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