Brain Cell Token

Governance Token
The main token of the MIND Games Universe will be BRAIN CELL [CELL]. It was found by the first MINDS as a product of an ancient scientific process. It was said that in order to produce CELL, all fields of study, from mathematics to art and sport, were needed to successfully turn any mundane element into the precious CELL. The method has been long lost as winds kept chipping away the once tall mountains of Neuropia. The last MIND who knew how to craft CELL was caught in the wrath of the Monroe Maw's lava, trapping inside it its last whispers. Since then, MINDS have dedicated their lives to trying again to uncover its mysteries. Wars have been wagered over it, MINDS lost… Nowadays, the MINDS work relentlessly in the Research Facility to try and multiply the existing CELL.
Players can swap CELL on our Decentralized Exchange for any other token on the market. Its in-game utility stems from upgrading the Talents of your Researcher, buying and upgrading NFTs, and Brain Storming - a form of unstable cloning. CELL will also be used for staking, for creating Liquidity Pool tokens CELL-LP which in turn will give access to Piero’s Statue - a form of yield farming.
Every CELL transaction will allocate the takings:
  • A part will be going to the Vault - the place where all game rewards are stored.
  • A part will be granted to power the Research Facility - where players that hold xCELL increase their CELL holdings.
  • The rest will be used to develop the MIND Games Universe further.

Brain Cell Hard Cap

The BRAIN CELL token has a hard cap of 500,000,000 CELL tokens.

Before minting

10,000,000 CELL tokens will be distributed as follows :
5,000,000 CELL - Development. The tokens will be split to cover multiple phases of the development process.
2,000,000 CELL - The project Liquidity pool. These tokens will be paired with NEAR and will remain locked.
2,000,000 CELL - Marketing efforts, airdrops, bounties, and game rewards. These will ensure that the promotional avenues the project needs to expand and grow the community will have enough funding.
1,000,000 CELL - The team's hard work and long hours will be granted CELL when the token launches. Half of these tokens will be released on launch, while the rest will be released over time.
Initial Liquidity : 0x810d5693E81630b0Bcd4F673E79b2a08DCCCF744 Protocol Addresses: Development Fund : 0x3D57C6125cfAABbAC8C76634c808B07EC9B6E3ff Community Fund : 0x8c8745cF163F279112A230Eedba449eD6088E969 Founders Fund : 0x89d72e9A8FFF4172759F3Bb129E5e102bc129fc1 Treasury: 0xdc18F62d16b71460074DB0D726803F743747720c
Founding Member Addresses: omega : 0x357Af65146025b7F9AfEBB5A29289836B4d90BEe epsilon : 0x994e269BEeFd6c58A15B1Bd7620A591bFaD4Ba68 hugh : 0xAb607a9736Cad59C136251E24f10D62ebe228F8B