Decentralized Exchange

Game-Fi Synergy


At the heart of our whole economic process stands the DEX. DeFi instruments synergize with games and this results in two main benefits:
  1. 1.
    Simplified UX (User Experience). Implementing the DEX directly into gameplay brings an entertaining alternative to blockchain technology adoption.
  2. 2.
    Sustainability. These instruments operate with the in-game currencies ensuring long-term utility and growth avenues.
The team will allocate ~$15.000,00 to create the initial liquidity of NEAR/CELL.
  • Swapping will allow the trading of various tokens and in-game assets for other tokens.
  • Staking will give users permission over voting systems within the MIND Universe.
  • Liquidity Providing will be there as long-term standing for the players.
0.3% of each trade will be redirected as follows: 0.25% to Liquidity Providers 0.05% to Research Facility.
A DEX component improves and brings value to the game economy. The markets currently hold DEXs that are gamified or gamified DeFi instruments; however, there is not a game that fully incorporates DeFi. With this project, we propose delivering the MIND Games economy segment via Blockchain and DeFi instruments that help it give our users sovereignty over their in-game assets.