Piero's Statue

Yield farming


  • A form of yield farming
Commemorating the last MIND who knew the secrets of creating more CELL, Piero’s statue is a beloved reminder of MIND History. Another reason everybody is fond of it is its uncommon ability to bring back more CELL for token offerings left with it. In itself, Piero’s statue is a form of staking LP tokens and receiving CELL tokens. Most people think that this is just a statue of the famous alchemist Piero Da Vinci, the last crafter of BRAIN CELL. This, however, is not the whole truth. Piero, gathering some raw material from Monroe Maw, managed to trap himself in stone. Alas, the stone was not dead but forever imbued with the spirit of Piero himself.
Piero now provides an avenue for liquidity providers to receive CELL tokens. You will receive CELL to use in the MIND Games for certain important items, skills, and talents!
In MIND Games, our very own Piero is our portrayal of yield farming. He receives individual ”Offerings” which can profit from grants by anyone who joins forces with him. Each “Offering” (LP Pair) will give you details on the total share you receive from this grant. Piero studies each offering intensely and you can see this as a timer on each pair. Once he finishes his study, he awards you with your part of the yield representing your share of CELL tokens.
Sensors and Melders will be able to help ”PIERO” and earn CELL based in part on your total stake in a certain “Offering”.

Issuance Schedule

The issuance of CELL as a reward for staking CELL-LP tokens as offerings with Piero’s Statue will change for each Epoch. The Epoch is 604,800 blocks on the Aurora Network and the length depends on the average block speed. Epochs were calculated to 604,800 blocks so that each Epoch would equal one week assuming a 1 second per block on the Aurora Network. If block speeds are longer or faster than 1 second per block on average, then an Epoch will last more or less than one week.
Block: 69,038,000 Epoch 1: 32x multiplier = 32 CELL/block = 1920 CELL/minute
Block: 69,642,800 Epoch 2: 28x multiplier = 28 CELL/block = 1680 CELL/minute
Block: 70,247,600 Epoch 3: 26x multiplier = 26 CELL/block = 1560 CELL/minute
Block: 70,852,400 Epoch 4: 24x multiplier = 24 CELL/block = 1440 CELL/minute
Block: 71,457,200 Epoch 5: 22x multiplier = 22 CELL/block = 1320 CELL/minute
Block: 72,062,000 Epoch 6: 20x multiplier = 20 CELL/block = 1200 CELL/minute
Block: 72,666,800 Epoch 7: 18x multiplier = 18 CELL/block = 1080 CELL/minute
Block: 73,271,600 Epoch 8: 16x multiplier = 16 CELL/block = 960 CELL/minute
Block: 73,876,400 Epoch 9: 14x multiplier = 14 CELL/block = 840 CELL/minute
Block: 74,481,200 Epoch 10: 12x multiplier = 12 CELL/block = 720 CELL/minute
Block: 75,086,000 Epoch 11: 10x multiplier = 10 CELL/block = 600 CELL/minute
Block: 75,690,800 Epoch 12: 9x multiplier = 9 CELL/block = 540 CELL/minute
Block: 76,295,600 Epoch 13: 8x multiplier = 8 CELL/block = 480 CELL/minute
Block: 76,900,400 Epoch 14: 7x multiplier = 7 CELL/block = 420 CELL/minute
Block: 77,505,200 Epoch 15: 6x multiplier = 6 CELL/block = 360 CELL/minute
Block: 78,110,000 Epoch 16: 5x multiplier = 5 CELL/block = 300 CELL/minute
Block: 78,714,800 Epoch 17-35: 4x multiplier = 4 CELL/block = 240 CELL/minute
Block: 90,206,000 Epoch 36+: 2x multiplier = 2 CELL/block = 120 CELL/minute
Listed multipliers are spread out across all offerings. Visit Piero’s Statue for pool-specific emission rates.
Visit Aurora Block Explorer to see the current block and block speed. We recommend viewing the block speed on an average daily/weekly when trying to plan your strategy.


Piero’s Statue grants locked CELL based on a timeline that begins once the LP is deposited.
The CELL tokens will unlock over a period of time. The process divides into epochs that are around a week long. The first Epoch (Week) will give you the 5% threshold unlocked tokens from the total CELL received. Starting with the second Epoch onward, every Epoch (Week) will provide an additional 2% on top.
For example: 1st Epoch (Week) - 5% unlocked and 95% locked 2nd Epoch (Week) - 7% unlocked and 93% locked 3rd Epoch (Week) - 9% unlocked and 91% locked 4th Epoch (Week) - 11% unlocked and 89% locked
The total number of Epochs is 51. The last Epoch will provide unlocked CELL from the entire CELL received as a liquidity provider.
Claimed locked CELL will remain locked until block 99277999 which marks the end of Epoch 50. Locked rewards will start unlocking via a 2% vesting schedule for the following 50 Epochs.
Piero Statue will inform users regarding the amount of CELL received in total, how much is available for unlocking at that moment, and how much is locked at that time. Users can choose to unlock the total CELL received at a particular time, before the 51st Epoch, however, they will only obtain the unlocked portion of it. The rest will be locked in the deep magma layers of Monro Maw, from where you will start to acquire them via the vesting schedule. This model helps us migrate from the simple DEX economics to the in-game economics combining the DeFi tools with gameplay and creating a synergy that will nourish them both. If the tokens were to unlock at any given time, this would incentivize the farm and dump mechanics. This way, we ensure that the long-term sustainability of the token will always be relevant to the ecosystem that we are taking part in.

Locking Model - Early Unlocking with Researchers and MIND NFTs

We are implementing the ability for Researchers and MINDS to work together and unlock CELL tokens early with Cryptography Missions. The researcher's Talents and MINDS stats will determine the amount of CELL unlocked after each quest.

Piero’s Statue Staking Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

There are no deposit fees for staking LP tokens with Piero’s Statue. We are implementing withdrawal fees for withdrawing staked LP tokens to protect against flash loans and, pumps and dumps. Each withdrawal resets the fee timer. The withdrawal fees are listed below:
  • 0.01% fee if a user withdraws after 4 Epochs
  • 0.25% fee if a user withdraws after 2 Epochs but before 4 Epochs
  • 0.5% fee if a user withdraws after 5 days but before 2 Epochs
  • 1% fee if a user withdraws under 5 days. *
  • 2% fee if a user withdraws under 3 days. *
  • 4% fee if a user withdraws under 24 hours. *
  • 8% fee if a user withdraws under 1 hour. *
  • 25% slashing fee if a user withdraws during the same block.
*Days/Hours listed assume a 1 second per block speed during such period and will depend on Aurora Blockchain speed.
All the fees collected from withdrawals on each pool will be distributed to the Treasury.