Research Facility

Staking CELL for xCELL


  • Stake CELL and receive xCELL token
  • Claim Rewards
In the Research Facility, players can deposit CELL as a form of staking. The hard-working MINDS that dwell here will analyze these and experiment day and night to uncover all their mysteries. Once their research is complete, the players will receive xCELL as a reward for their interest in science. The CELL will be brought in from various fees of game transactions and withdrawal fees from the Mighty Piero's Statue. xCELL will therefore become the Governance token of the MIND Games Universe.
The Research Facility is set to receive fees from in-game transactions starting with Phases 2 and 3. Until then, 0.05% of fees are received from trading and ~ 0.25% from Piero's Statue fees, so that the APR will remain 25-30% for the time being.