Phase 1 - DeFi Instruments

June 2022 - DEX, CELL, LP Tokens & Staking
Neuropia, an old MIND settlement filled with history and culture is slowly becoming a buzzing centre for MINDS everywhere. They begin developing new buildings and exploring new ventures.
The city centre of Neuropia is the beginning of our players’ journey. The Marketplace, Piero’s Statue, and the Research Facility, some of the oldest and most renowned landmarks in the area are open to the public and functional to modern standards. The MINDS are working hard to develop the other buildings currently under construction. Research Log. Entry 813:
The most eminent Researchers have been studying for a long time the newly discovered planet of MINDS. Today we are ready to launch. Thank you, brave researchers! All systems are ready! T minus 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…