Phase 2 - Press Play

Q4 2022 - Q1 2023 - Arena, MINDS & Researchers
This marks the beginning of the MIND Games Universe gaming experience. The Arena first opens its gates to the public. Alongside this, a new building will open in Neuropia: The Tavern. Here is where players can buy and sell their MINDS and Researcher NFTs.
Research log. Entry 1024: The MINDS declared us Negligible-Future-Threats. We have attended some fights in the ARENA and learned more of their rules. Some of the Researchers became actively involved, becoming coaches to MINDS.
  • Bounty program for MIND Games Arena testing
    • Stats
    • Rank
    • Experience
    • Tradable
  • ~50 MINDS will be rewarded to xCELL holders. The amount of xCELL needed to qualify for this airdrop will be announced three weeks before the actual NFT launch. Snapshots will be taken to determine the average amount a user had in this period. Holding multiple of the amount announced will earn you extra entries.
  • Tavern - Trade MINDs
  • Arena - Player vs. Player
    • Ranked - 5 MINDS are needed to play Ranked Arena games. Earn Rank, Experience, and Rewards.
    • Challenger - At least 3 MINDS are needed to play Arena Challenge matches. Earn 90% of the entry fee cumulated from both players.
Only 2118 MINDS will be created. These are the first generation, from whom the rest of the MIND Universe will be populated.