Phase 2 - Press Play

Q1 - 2023 - Arena, MINDS & Researchers
This marks the beginning of the MIND Games Universe gaming experience. The Arena first opens its gates to the public. Alongside this, a new building will open in Neuropia: The Tavern. Here is where players can buy and sell their MINDS and Researcher NFTs.
Research log. Entry 1024: The MINDS declared us Negligible-Future-Threats. We have attended some fights in the ARENA and learned more about their rules. Some of the Researchers became actively involved, becoming coaches to MINDS.
  • Bounty program for MIND Games Arena testing
    • Stats
    • Rank
    • Experience
    • Tradable
  • Tavern - Trade MINDs
  • Arena - Player vs. Player
    • Ranked - 5 MINDS are needed to play Ranked Arena games. Earn Rank, Experience, and Rewards.
    • Challenger - At least 3 MINDS are needed to play Arena Challenge matches. Earn 90% of the entry fee cumulated from both players.
Only 2118 MINDS will be created. These are the first generation, from whom the rest of the MIND Universe will be populated.