NFT Marketplace
Our custom build-in Tavern is an NFT Marketplace where you can rent, buy or sell your NFTs.


The Tavern is the place where all like-minded MINDs get together to sync their synapses and brain waves. Here you can find MINDs to make your own, or give them to other Researchers for CRX. Depending on your needs, the Tavern will always find a match no matter what you are looking for.
The Tavern acts as a place to:
  • Trade NFTs
  • Rent NFTs
  • Discover new MINDs
  • Evaluate and determine the best ones in the market
  • Search for combos to create new meta between them via breeding.
Every sell/buy or other action inside the Tavern is made with Cortex [CRX] and a transaction fee of 3% will be deducted for each one. These fees will be directed to the Treasury.
The Tavern will act as a central HUB for all the MINDs that are used in various game modes inside the MINDverse platform. Keep in MIND that this will be available also for other projects that want to create Game Worlds on top of our infrastructure.