Frequently Asked Questions

What is MIND Games?

MIND Games at base level is a Metaverse scene, where you can play the different scenarios that the platform has to offer, Arenas - Missions - Real-Time Strategy Metaverse. In doing so, you will encounter various aspects of the game, the competitions, the lore, the NFTs, and the economy beneath it all.
We have chosen the place of the Genesis event on Aurora Network, EVM compatible layer on Near Protocol. Here we are laying the foundation of the economic structure via a DEX that will participate in the TVL of the whole ecosystem. Every aspect of the game will be founded and stored on the blockchain.

How to play?

Playing our game, especially in the assets and monetary genesis phases (DEX stage, NFTs aka. Card's Stages), will require some DeFi and Blockchain use experience via Metamask.
You should install first Metamask. Second, you should manage to bring your tokens on Aurora Network from Ethereum Mainnet / Near or any other chains with Bridge Support on Aurora.
Find out more here.
Lastly, use our in-game Tavern & Marketplace to acquire the desired in-game assets and start playing.
If this looks new to you, don't worry - hop on our Discord and open a ticket for Playing Instructions, and we will aid you in this process 24/7.
This service is free, and we will never DM you first, use the ticketing system to avoid scams.

What is Brain Cell Token?

​CELL will be the core token of the whole game ecosystem on the Aurora Network. Only time can tell when the MINDS will discover valuable materials on other chains/regions.
On Aurora, the CELL token will bootstrap the game economy via the DEX, creating liquidity for the main LP pairs that the game will have. These will be the tokens that will connect us to Aurora's exterior ecosystem to have our in-game economy linked to the big market.
Besides staking and farming, you will use the CELL token for NFTs mechanics, game modes, and other in-game assets to get more CELL while offering liquidity to other players for their swaps.

Gameplay & NFTs?

To play the game, a player needs to own 1 Researcher NFT and at least 1 MIND NFT.
There are ten sets of 10 unique cards each. The cards split into rarities: Smart, Intelligent, Brilliant, Genius, and Savant. You can use ten wild cards to replace missing cards in the sets. There are bonuses earned for using in-set cards and synergies between cards from the same categories. The other games in the MIND Universe get boosts from these NFT cards.
NFTs can be purchased in the Tavern or in Mystery Boxes.

Where can I trade?

​Marketplace ​
You can swap tokens, create Liquidity Pool Tokens - CELL-LP, and trade items in the Marketplace found in Neuropia.
Participating users will be able to use our Decentralized Exchange to swap their tokens and in-game resources. Other than that, by supplying liquidity into our pools and pairing two tokens, for example, CELL and NEAR, you can earn passive income in fees anytime anyone trades those tokens.
Keep in mind that a part of the fees collected from trading and withdrawals on each pool will be distributed to the liquidity providers in that pool.

Where can I farm?

​Piero's statue ​
Users can farm LP tokens to receive CELL tokens. This is possible by accessing the Piero's Statue menu, located in the lower part of Neuropia, between Marketplace and Research Facility.
You will receive CELL to use for certain important items, skills, and talents in MIND Games!
Rewarded CELL for staking CELL-LP tokens as offerings with Piero's Statue will change for each Epoch. Epochs were calculated to 604,800 blocks so that each Epoch would equal one week, assuming a 1 second per block on the Aurora Network. If block speeds are longer or faster than 1 second per block on average, then an Epoch will last more or less than one week.

Locking period explained

Another aspect of Piero's Statue would be once LP tokens are deposited the CELL token will unlock over a specific period. Unlocking periods are named Epochs, which take around a week to complete.
Starting the first Epoch (week) will give you the 5% threshold unlocked tokens from the total CELL received. Beginning with the second Epoch onward, every Epoch (week) will provide an additional 2%.
The total number of Epochs is 51. The last Epoch will provide 100% unlocked CELL from the entire CELL received as a liquidity provider.
Claimed locked CELL will remain locked until block 99277999 is completed, the block which marks the end of Epoch 50.
Locked rewards will start unlocking via the vesting schedule for the following 50 Epochs.
Users can choose to unlock the total CELL received at a particular time before the 51st Epoch. However, they will only obtain the unlocked portion of it. The rest will be locked, and you will start to acquire them via the vesting schedule.
If the tokens were to unlock at any given time, this would incentivize the farm and dump mechanics. This way, we ensure that the long-term sustainability of the token will always be relevant for the ecosystem that we are taking part in. This model helps us migrate from the simple DEX economics to the in-game economics combining the DeFi tools with gameplay and creating a synergy that will nourish them both.

Where can I stake my tokens?

​Research Facility​
Users will be able to stake CELL and receive xCELL tokens in return inside the Research Facility found in Neuropia. This will enable holders to monetize their token holdings that would otherwise lie idle in their wallets.
The CELL will be brought in from various fees of game transactions and withdrawal fees from the Mighty Piero's Statue.
xCELL will therefore become the Governance token of the MIND Games Universe.

What wallet do we use?

We recommend Metamask
CELL tokens can be stored in Metamask Wallet on Aurora Network.
Aurora Network can be added to Metamask wallet by selecting the "Add network" option in Metamask and adding the following parameters :
Network Name: Aurora
ChainID: 1313161554
Symbol: ETH