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The main description for this game mode is Player vs Player! Beat real-life opponents in a ruthless battle of wits. The Arena has developed two kinds of matches: official ones - the Arena Ranked match and friendly ones - Arena Challenger.

Game Modes

Arena Challenge

It is played using a Researcher NFT and 3 MIND NFTs.
Once you start looking for a game in Arena Challenger, you are presented with the following options:
  • Challenge someone for 0.01 [ETH]
  • Challenge someone for 0.05 [ETH]
  • Challenge someone for 0.1 [ETH]
  • Challenge someone for 0.25 [ETH]
  • Challenge someone for 0.5 [ETH]
  • Challenge someone for 1 [ETH]
Once you press "PLAY" the search starts looking for a Challenger that can accept your bid. If a player is not found within 3 minutes of the search, the game will ask if you want to open the search for a lower-value challenge. Once a player is found that matches your challenge, you will start the game.
Players will gain:
  • [ETH] earned per win
  • Consolation cookies per loss
  • In draw matches, players get back their [ETH] for that match.
The winner will take 95% of the wager, while the remaining 5% will be redistributed to the Arena Ranked monthly prize.

Arena Ranked

It is played using a Researcher NFT and 5 MIND NFTs.
Players will gain:
  • 100 XP per win or 50 XP per loss
  • 5 AUR per win (increased by the current Talent tier)
  • DATA SHEETS (5% Drop Chance) per win
  • Consolation cookies for each loss
  • There is no reward for Draw matches.
  • Ranked players at the end of every month will be rewarded with Fees cumulated from Arena Challenge from that month. The ranked reward values will be distributed based on the position on the ranked ladders. The first 5 Ranked positions will receive a bonus reward.
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