The layout of the Arena is divided into two halves, the player’s part and his opponent’s. On each side, there is an Attacker position marked with a sword and lantern and a Defender position marked with a shield. The middle part showcases the change of power based on which player is closer to winning. The players are shown on the sides of the board. The colours alternate from one match to the other. The number underneath each player shows their current level.
The name of the opponent appears in the top left corner. Next to it are the latest played spells, with a dark or light grey background to correspond to the player who cast it. The timer for each round appears in the bottom left corner. Players drag and drop cards from their hand and place them on the board. All cards have 3 spells: 1 Attack, 1 Defence, and 1 Passive. The position on which the cards are placed will determine which spell is played by that card: attack or defence. The passives are shown in between the two cards, and players can choose which one they want for the round. The passive is applied to both cards on the board.
For ease, the 2 cards a player placed on the board are called the Nucleus. The rest of the cards kept in hand + the Nucleus are called the Circuit. These names might appear on the card spells.
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