All cards have 3 spells: 1 Attack, 1 Defence and 1 Passive. The position on which you place the card will determine which spell is played by that card: attack or defense. The passive is applied to both cards on your side of the board. The 2 cards played on the board are called the Nucleus. The rest of the cards kept in hand + the Nucleus are called the Circuit.
The final value of spell damage is determined by integrating the card's Rarity formula.
When one player has only ONE MIND left standing on the board, it will ENRAGE. Enrage will give that MIND an Extra Attack using its MAIN STAT to both enemy positions besides its normal spells. In return, it will receive DOUBLE DAMAGE to its IQ!
ASSAULT: Spells with this perk will happen at the beginning of the turn.
AEGIS: These spells happen after ASSAULT spells.
AURA: These spells are triggered spells. They trigger based on a condition.
OVERLOAD: These spells happen at the end of the turn.
Spell effects are constantly being balanced and edited in order to have competitive gameplay. Always read the tooltip in game!
Defensive Spells
Attack Spells
Passive Spells
Spell Name
Spell Effect
[AEGIS] Block Frontal * 0.75 for the first attack.
[AEGIS] Take all damage dealt from the circuit this turn and restore half as IQ.
[AEGIS] Protect your entire circuit. Return half of the damage recived to the attacker.
Mind Wipe
[AEGIS] If your attacker is attacked, deflect 75% of the damage.
Deja Vu
Deal Motor * 0.75. Enemy attacker forgets Motor worth of their next attack this turn.
[AEGIS] Connect all Nodes in this arena. For each Node, defend 5.
[AEGIS] If attacked, cancel the enemy's next turn's passives.
[AEGIS] If attacked, restore a fourth of the damage as IQ and hide the attacker.
[AEGIS] 50% chance for the enemy to attack a different character.
Ring a bell
[AEGIS] Block F/2 and restore a third of the attack as IQ.
[AEGIS] If attacked, distribute damage to this card over 3 turns.
[AEGIS] Distribute damage taken to your circuit.
[AEGIS] Block Temporal worth of damage for your nucleus for 2 turns.
[AEGIS] Restore half of the damage received as IQ.
Out Of Sight
[AEGIS] Restore your IQ with 10 multiplied by the number cards that died while this was on the nucleus.
Tabula Rasa
[OVERLOAD] At the end of the turn, restore your circuits IQ with Frontal * 1.5.
Head for the Hills
[AEGIS] If your attacker is attacked, restore your circuit with Temporal worth of IQ for 2 turns and hide.
Think Alike
[AEGIS] Block Frontal worth of damage.
Spell Name
Spell Effect
Attention Seeker
[OVERLOAD] Attack last, deal double damage taken this turn split to the enemy circuit.
Attack a random enemy card Frontal * 1.5 . At the end of the turn, hide this card.
[AEGIS] Take all damage dealt this turn. Deal equal damage to the enemy defender.
Deal Motor * 3 to the enemy defender.
Head Count
Deal Motor+(Frontal*2) to the enemy nucleus for 2 turns.
Deal Motor * 1.5 to the enemy defender for 2 turns.
Brain Tease
Deal Temporal * 1.75 to the enemy attacker.
Mind Numb
Deal Temporal * 1.75 to the enemy nucleus.
Dry Up
Deal Temporal / 1.5 multiplied by the number of Sensor in your circuit, to the enemy defender.
Deal Temporal * 4 split to the enemy circuit.
Deal Frontal * 1.75 to the enemy attacker over 2 turns. Restore Temporal / 1.5 IQ.
Convince enemy defender to attack enemy attacker with Frontal + Temporal. Cancel enemy attacker's spell if they didn't act yet.
Split hairs
Deal (Motor + Frontal) * 1.5 to the enemy defender.
Out of mind
Deal Motor * 3.5 to the enemy nucleus.
Deal Motor * 2 to the enemy defender. Cancel enemy defender's spell if he didn't act yet.
Psyche Out
Deal (Frontal + Temporal) * 2 to the enemy circuit.
Deal Frontal * 1.3 to the enemy defender for 3 turns.
Deal Temporal * 2 + Frontal to a random card on the enemy circuit.
Spell Name
Spell Effect
[AEGIS] If a character is attacked with more than their main stat, restore half of the damage as IQ.
[ASSAULT] Swap a card with a random one from the bench.
[AEGIS] First character that attacks receives half of the damage dealt.
[AEGIS] Friendly cards that were hidden last turn gain +10 main stat permanent.
[ASSAULT] Damage left from previous turns is forgotten.
[AEGIS] Convince enemy defender to attack enemy attacker.
[ASSAULT] Swap current cards for random ones from the bench at the beginning of the turn. Swap back at the end of turn.
[ASSAULT] Your opponent's actions will now happen later.
[AURA] Copy enemy’s current passive.
Wits End
[OVERLOAD] If any character dies this turn, deal damage to the enemy nucleus equal to the deceased's last available IQ.
[AEGIS] For each two points of damage received this turn, give your characters a point to their main stat next turn.
[OVERLOAD] Convince one of the enemy positions to deal damage to their teammate using their main stat.
In the clouds
[AEGIS] Give a random card on your bench +10 to their main stat, give a card in your enemy's bench +5 to main stat.
[AEGIS] If defender is attacked, hide both your cards at the end of the turn.
[ASSAULT] For each card the same rarity as the caster on the nucleus, deal 20 damage to the enemy nucleus.
Out of the box
[AEGIS] Hide both your cards at the end of the turn.
[OVERLOAD] If the enemy damage is higher than yours this turn, restore Temporal * 1.5 IQ to your circuit.
Pit your attacker against the enemies attacker. If yours wins, gain +5 Main Stat permanently. If you lose, take Temporal worth of damage.
Spells are your way of winning Arena.
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