Guard Ian

Psst! Researcher! Let me know if you need to transfer your locked Cortex [CRX] . I know everyone around here. I can help you transfer it safely to another Researcher. It has to be all moved at once though, I have a quite long queue of clients, you know?
The entire amount of the wallet and locked [CRX] will be moved in the transfer. Make sure to claim all rewards before proceeding, unclaimed rewards will not be transferred.
If you wish to keep your unlocked [CRX] on this Researcher’s account, please store it in the Research Facility.
[xCRX] is not transferred by this service. In order to transfer [xCRX] it needs to be manually sent to the new wallet. Transferring the locked [CRX] to the same address will bring Gnomon’s wrath upon it and destroy it forever.
This process is irreversible.
You will not be able to cancel or undo this transfer. Please make sure that you entered the correct wallet address and that it is NOT the same wallet that contains the locked [CRX] you are attempting to transfer.