Brief History:
2770: Jack Marrow discovered Temporalis. Jack laid the foundations for the first extractions of resources to begin.
2804: The Monroe Maw Volcano erupts, causing casualties and disaster stretching all the way to Lake Corpus. Among its victims is Piero, the last MIND who knew how to craft BRAIN CELLS, the most valuable resource in MIND history.
2895: Chef Willy Mindka developed his first batch of lecithin and karrot cookies. The dish is now a widely beloved treat, more commonly known as Kale.
2912: The first Data Sheet has been invented on Fornix Island.
2934: The settlement of Neuropia drastically improves its development.
2983: L’artiste Gene Synapse was born and spent the first half of his life. He is known for writing poetry and songs. His most famous masterpiece is: “Let’s put the K in Kale”
2996: First rumours of a mystical creature reaches the wider public. This brings a lot of attention to the city of Motormont. Photographers and cryptozoologists have been searching for the beast ever since.
3008: The Battle of Temporalis was the first conflict resolved using a rudimentary form of Arena.
3025: A new unexpected ruler takes the throne. The population of MINDS shows their support.
3033: The Path-Opening Relique Transcending Archaic Locations showed signs of activity again. It has not been used in thousands of years. The MINDS decide to restore it.
GNOMON - The MINDS worship Gnomon, from the ancient tongue Gnomomone meaning fate. The serendipitous twists and turns that a MIND’s life takes, as well as its misfortunes can all be attributed to the will of Gnomon. In MIND Philosophy the deity is not solely to blame or praise. The Wheel of Gnomon is one of the many historical landmarks that keeps the spirituality of Gnomon alive. Holding no scientific value, its chance of veracity instils a level of unexpectedness and whimsical mysticism.
MINDS cuisine is varied and full of flavour. Their main protein source is MooMooMeat (as seen in a dinner favourite: Feline’s Soup containing MooMoomeat and Teary Apple).
MINDS do consume most food groups with equal fondness. There is one dish that climbs above all others: the original, old recipe for the Karrot and Lechitin cookies. Another cookie - though slightly less appreciated due to its cultural implications - is the Consolation Cookies. These are customarily received as commiserations for losing a Battle or something regrettable happening.
Cortex [CRX] is the most valuable of the MIND currencies since its supply is limited. It used to be crafted following a very specific process, which has since been lost. It is said that all arts and sciences had to participate in order to create a Cortex, Piero’s Statue currently commemorates the last MIND who knew how to craft it.
Another, more widely used currency is AURORIUM, which can be found on STEM 2801 in abundance. MINDS are also open to trading resources based on need.
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