The P.O.R.T.A.L. shows signs of activity once more. It has been used by explorers and travellers to reach faraway places within seconds, yet no one knows for sure how it works.


Near Somis lake is a place where talented MINDS, with years of cryptography experience, can unlock the long-sought [CRX]. The road leading up to the lake is not an easy one to follow, with its sharp turns and unforgiving weather. Even if adventurers make it all the way, there is no guarantee all will return safely.
Send a Sensor or a Melder to Unlock LOCKED CRX obtained from Piero's Statue into [CRX] or
Building Materials

Soul Casting

Gathering souls is a task only some MINDS can accomplish. Ever less know how to cast the souls into new materials. Apparently one must take the souls on the peak of Mount Broca and as the lightning strikes the narrow shrine placed there, use a secret phrase and obtain AUR from it.
Send a Leech or a Thinker Try casting a soul into AUR or
Building Materials


The Grieving Nixie is docked in Wernicke bay awaiting her Captain. MINDS that embark on this voyage return with great treasures of [CRX] . Waters are often unforgiving and keep the sailors captive deep down under. Only the worthy can escape and reach the shore once more.
Send a Wave or a Node to get [CRX] or
Building Materials. Will only reward [CRX] if there are offerings made on the specific pairs.

Fable Binding

Explore the furthest corners of STEM 2801 to uncover the history of MINDS as they were written by authentic witnesses. Who knows what mysteries will be uncovered, what secrets unveiled?
Lore Fragments and the occasional
Thoughtless Box throughout Stem's lush biomes.

The Registrar

Need paperwork? The incredibly tedious bureaucratic sector of the MIND universe makes it easier to bypass than follow official routes. You need some documents or papers? Get a job at The Registrar, get all the documents you need from here.
Deeds and
Thoughtless Box by doing your taxes and filings.


The bays and archipelagoes of the MIND world are filled with wondrous creatures. Look for the tracks, study their environment and lifestyle and see if you can find some valuable resources along the way.
Shabby Tooth and
Thoughtless Box from various contracted quests.


Refresh your MIND MOXIE on your worn-out MINDS by feeding them your collected Food.
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