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Your Researcher can use these MINDS to play each game.
Finding log. Entry 2:
The planet STEM 2801 is a host to various creatures. Their appearance is somewhat familiar, yet vastly different from our own. The MINDS wander freely around their planet, however, groups have been observed to form and the only apparent criteria is their occupation. Will explore further.
Good to know: There are 10 sets of 10 unique cards each. The cards are divided into rarities: Smart, Intelligent, Brilliant, Genius, and Savant. There are also 10 wild cards that have special features in all the game modes. For example, in the Arena, Wild cards will grant all the other MINDS in his team as an in-set bonus. There are bonuses earned for using in-set cards and synergies between cards from the same categories.
Each card has specific statistics and attributes generated, so no two cards are the same. They will show the character's Rarity, class, and base statistics to help players craft their best team. The cards will also show the character's visual aspect to be easily recognized when you need to find a specific one; the cards name, quote, and environment to better portray the character. The card rarities, statistics, and combining them in your team brings you an edge in the game.
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