A basic description of the Stats generated for each of the MINDS character Classes
Hard-shelled minds that attract all focus towards them. They excel at making other MINDS frustrated. This mind has strong repelling capabilities but little direct repost.
SRT: 0.4-0.8
Frontal : 35-50
Motor : 15-30
Temporal : 5-20
Mean, mean MINDS of motor misfortune! The Nodes deal constant motor damage and are exquisite at evasive manoeuvers. They love playing Hide-and-Wreak.
SRT: 0.6-1
Frontal : 15-30
Motor : 20-40
Temporal : 15-25
Mystic and ruthless, Sensors are sure to leave a mark on other MINDS should they get their chance. Harnessing such great power costs these MINDS protection.
SRT: 0.5-1.2
Frontal : 5-10
Motor : 10-15
Temporal : 35-55
Adamant and stubborn, these MINDS are known to profit from others to sustain themselves. They are likely to bounce back many times before anyone manages to knock them down for good.
SRT: 0.4-0.8
Frontal : 25-35
Motor : 5-15
Temporal : 15-35
Resisting these MINDS over and over again can prove to be a challenge even to the most skilled player. Waves deal frequent damage that can turn a battle around one hit at a time.
SRT: 0.6-1
Frontal : 15-35
Motor : 25-35
Temporal : 5-15
Reaching an equilibrium comes naturally to Melders as they are skilled fighters. They are reliable and always think outside the box.
SRT: 0.5-1.2
Frontal : 15-35
Motor : 5-15
Temporal : 25-35
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