IQ and SRT


The life essence of the MINDS is IQ. This determines a MIND's place in society and its level of skill. Not all cards have the same IQ levels. For example, if all MINDS have over 200IQ, Larry is more of a 142.
A card's Rarity influences the average IQ a card has and the other statistics. IQ is invaluable to all our NFTs since it will determine a player's victory or loss.


Just like that perfect comeback: witty, bold, humorous, final; the one that comes to you 20 minutes after the argument ended… It is not enough in this Universe to be clever, one must also be quick!
SRT (Synapse Response Time) DeFines a MIND's reaction time, thus getting the upper hand in combat situations. A lower SRT value means increased speed, so an NFT with 0.6 SRT will act faster than an NFT with an SRT value of 1.
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