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Mind Moxie

Your MINDS are very singular creatures. They can hyperfocus on one thing but they seem to be locked on that for a long period of time. No matter how much we tried, it seems you can't change a MINDS mind.
MINDS have a daring and ambitious side. They stop at nothing when they feel the call of their will and all better step out of their way. However, like any forceful hero, they need their rest as well. They get 100% involved when they start anything: a match, a shift, an adventure.
Playing one type of game with a MIND character will lock this card on that game mode for a period of a day. (i.e. Locked a MIND to ARENA, that MIND can only play arena until his DAILY MOXIE fades
  • Each MIND gains 10 Moxie every 8 hours.
  • MINDS spend Moxie in order to participate in various game modes.
  • Potions can be crafted at the Artisan to restore some Moxie to a MIND.
​Disclaimer: Due to the great care a game economy requires, the specific numbers regarding the cost of Moxie might be subject to change.
Last modified 1yr ago